Past Exhibitions

Seven Artists is an exhibition that brings together seven gallery artists whose work differs in form and concept. Working in paint, gouache, collage, and bronze this exhibit showcases the various processes these artists undergo to create their vision. 

Sandi Seltzer Bryant has gleaned through hundreds of handmade papers from over twenty countries to create her newest series of works. From Asia to the Netherlands, each piece reflects the artist's journey. Layering bands of texture, color, and form Bryant leads us into an abstract process of discovery. 


Modern Classics is a collection of Jean Carruthers Wetta's oil paintings that were exhibited recently at the Beeville Art Museum. Wetta's works are inspired both by the tradition of classical Dutch realism and the aesthetics of modern painting.

Leslie Wilkes<br />Untitled (12.A50) | 2012<br />gouache and graphite on paper | 12&quot; x 12&quot;<br />

My interest lies in the power of the visual and my purpose with these paintings is to create a dynamic, sight-based sensory experience.  I want to stimulate the viewer’s visual cortex where color, pattern and forms are interpreted. 

The paintings originate with geometric patterns. Using a pattern as a template for the composition, I select sections within it, making new outlines.  One of these shapes will become the central element to the piece, into which another pattern is placed.  Within that structure, blocking in with color, I isolate new shapes in a symmetrical arrangement.  Each selection is a reaction to the previous choices of form and color.  The mutations may adhere...

Howard Sherman's new body of work has undergone a transformation unlike anything he has done before. Working with familiar fervor, Sherman infuses excitement into his painting process:

"I've realized that paper has a powerful rawness and permissibility that I find refreshing and exciting. The relationship between two and three-dimensional work has become a catalyst for something new. There is also a long history of painting and sculpture copulating in naughty ways."


-Howard Sherman

From rice paper to solid steel every artist in this group show creates their work through a collage process. Each set of artworks divulges the artist's ideas and concepts through their similar practices. Collectively these various techniques and ideas coalesce into one exhibition proving each artist's unique point of view. 

Murielle White<br />Escape | 2013<br />oil and mixed media on canvas | 42" x 58.5"<br />

Murielle White's paintings delve into different worlds. Born and raised in Paris, France and moving to the United States to attend college, White's paintings are inspired by a range of cultural experiences:

"I juxtapose visual elements from my cultural background to create a unified, imaginary, abstract world where I reveal my identity.  I also use my own invented script by mixing the languages that my family spoke (French, Creole, Tamil and Vietnamese).  This self-created world, steeped in the diversity of my cultural roots is a dynamic dichotomy: the combination of traditional and non-traditional medium as well as structure versus relinquishment of control."


Known for her spectacularly intricate and meticulous landscapes, artist Katie Maratta debuts her newest series featuring landscapes of the Texas plains. The format of her drawings proves to be unmistakable and imbues the images with a intimacy that juxtaposes the vastness of the drawn space. In this series we see a stronger connection to how people affect the land in both subtle and drastic ways. From a tire swing under an oak tree to a plowed field Maratta captures the true nature of Texas.